Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette party in rzeszów? It’s simple - you can rent an apartment and spend the entire night bored, yawning and waitng for the evening to end.

Or you can set out on a voyage around the city’s clubs hoping that something interesting, something worth remembering will happen. But how do you know if it will? Perhaps it’s better to have a good time guaranteed, at a place created especially for hosting bachelorette parties? The comfortable, luxurious VIP Room, intimate atmosphere, privacy, secrecy and professional chippendales, are only some of the many attractions our Rasputin night club in Rzeszów has to offer. Another attribute is the specially prepared VIP room, equipped with props straight out of a "50 Shades of Grey" film - a perfect place for your bachelorette photo session. So, if you are a maid of honor, bridesmaid or friend of the future bride and wish to organise a truly unforgettable party as a farewell to her bachelorette life, feel free to contact us.

Night club “Rasputin” from Rzeszów is the only club to organize bachelorette parties inside the venue as well as away from premises.

striptease dance rzeszow


The total cost of the performance of a very attractive dancer is 500 zł + transport cost 2,40 zł/1 km calculated from Rzeszów to the given place and return. The program consists of 3 seperate performances in different costumes. During the show, the dancer undresses completely (striptease). The dancer also invites each of the participants individually to sit at the center of the room, where he or she performs a short dance solely for that person. Our dancers’ performances are all about having fun with the customers. Various erotic props may be used for this purpose (handcuffs, a whip and whipped cream) which results in an unforgettable, positive experience


  • 3 performances by one dancer - 500 zł + transport cost 2,40 zł/1 km calculated from Rzeszów to the given place.
  • Paid before the performance, on site.
  • A 50% advance shall be paid in the venue, with a dated receipt or a VAT invoice.


After the performance, we wish to invite you to move the whole party to our Rasputin club. We offer a seperate VIP room equipped with various props, in which our dancers perform. In the main club room, you can dance to any music of your choice and watch our showgirls pole dance entirely free of charge! You can also try your hand at pole dancing and take photos. Our stip club could become your go-to location in Rzeszów. We recommend starting your night at Rasputin club, watching our male or female dance performances, and then head out to visit all the clubs which Rzeszów old town has to offer.

We guarantee the highest level of entertainment, adapted to the individual requirements of the woman of the hour.

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